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Our Technological Expertise: Six Technologies

Nippon Hyomen Kagaku Kabushiki Kaisha (JASCO) continues to challenge the surface treatment of all metals with six technologies.
Always promote state-of-the-art technology development through close collaboration between the sales departments, R&D centers, and plants. By accumulating these technologies, we have a large lineup of packaged solutions that can be adapted to different materials and applications.
In addition to proposing products that are suitable for new customer requirements, we have established a system that allows us to respond quickly to the development of tailor-made products as well.
You can find information on these technologies at the bottom button.
It is only a fraction of our technology that we are introducing. Please contact JASCO for any information regarding the surface treatment of metals. .

  • Cleaning technology
  • Polishing Technology
  • Rust prevention technology
  • Coloring technology
  • Peeling technology
  • Wastewater treatment technology

Cleaning technology

Various stains such as oil, rust, and oxide film adhere to the material. Cleaning to remove these and create a clean surface is the basis for all surface treatment processes. Cleaning technology plays an important role as a pretreatment for surface treatment.


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Polishing technology

To improve appearance and functionality, various types of metals are subjected to polishing treatments such as chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, and matte finish. Compared to buffing and shot blasting, chemical treatment can also be used to polish recessed areas. It is used in many fields such as precision parts and medical equipment.


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Rust prevention technology

If the iron material is left as it is, rust will occur. Therefore, it is common that zinc plating or zinc-based alloy plating treatment is performed for the purpose of rust prevention, and then trivalent chromium passivation treatment is performed. In particular, it is an important process that is indispensable for automotive parts.

  • Hyperzincの詳細はこちら
  • Hyperzinc310の詳細はこちら
  • Ni Zincの詳細はこちら

Chemical Passivation treatment
  • Trynerの詳細はこちら

  • Topcoatの詳細はこちら
  • 5K189の詳細はこちら

sealing agent
  • Sealingの詳細はこちら

Rust preventer
  • Rust preventerの詳細はこちら

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Colorling Technology

It is a technology for forming an oxide film on a metal surface or precipitating colored components.
In addition to improving the appearance, it is treated for the purpose of improving corrosion resistance and suppressing reflection of light, and is used in many fields such as optical components and home appliances.


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Peeling Technology

It is a technology that removes the coating film without damaging the basis metal in ion plating, oxide film, plating, and painting. It is widely used for jig peeling, parts regeneration, reprocessing, etc.

  • 塗装はく離剤の詳細はこちら

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Water Treatment Technology

Industrial wastewater contains various substances such as organic substances and heavy metals.
Discharging wastewater directly into rivers and the sea causes environmental destruction. Therefore, it is necessary to separate and remove the target components. We offer wastewater treatment chemicals and treatment facilities suitable for a variety of wastewaters.

  • 排水処理技術の詳細はこちら

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